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avatar for A.J. Ripin

A.J. Ripin

Strategic Consultant, Future and Emerging Technologies Laboratory, University of Central Florida


avatar for Allison DeTitto

avatar for Allison DeTitto

Allison DeTitto

Sr. Training Specialist, QVC

Allison DeTitto is a training and change management professional with experience in the retail, broadcasting and pharmaceutical industries. She currently is leading training programs at QVC for capital projects. Allison continually researches and pilots new training technology and concepts, with a specific focus on how to drive the engagement and involvement of her training audience. Her training strategy consistently focuses on how to achieve program goals through a motivated and engaged workforce.

avatar for Amy Shade

Amy Shade

Program Manager, Marsh University, Marsh

Amy Shade is an experienced project and program manager specializing in large-scale system implementations and change management projects. At Marsh, Amy is responsible for Marsh U, a unique knowledge-sharing and collaboration platform providing the 24,000+ colleagues of Marsh a way to connect with one another across 100 countries. In this role, Amy is responsible for the overall program integration, adoption and content management, as well as technical operations of the site. With a background in software implementations and change management, Amy spen…

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Anna Tavis

Global Head of Talent and Development, Brown Brothers Harriman

Dr. Anna Tavis has pursued a global talent management and learning career in business, academia and consulting, and has extensive experience working in Europe, India, Eurasia and the Middle East. Anna is the editor of the "Perspectives Column" for People and Strategy Journal and is on the board of the Human Resource Planning Society. She regularly speaks at conferences and publishes on issues of global talent management and is the author of the forthcoming book, Perspectives. In addition to her fulltime career in business, Anna is…

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avatar for Ashford University

Ashford University


Bill Best

858.848.8400  x 3473  



Ashford University offers high-quality degree programs both on campus and online. Ashford provides accessible and affordable degree programs at the Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's levels to students seeking innovative choices in higher education.

Ashford University is proud to partner with key decision makers who empower their employees with personal and professional development through education. Through our Corporate Alliance program, Ashford provides education solutions that companies need to devel…

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Omar Divina / Marisa Duggan

646.331.1262 / 650.323.7028

omar@badgeville.com / marisa@badgeville.com


Badgeville, the gold standard for gamification, provides the world's most sophisticated and flexible suite of SaaS solutions to measure and influence user behavior. More than 100 clients rely on Badgeville's Behavior Platform to increase loyalty, conversions, lifetime user value, engagement and productivity in customer and employee-facing web and mobile experiences. With Badgeville, clients experience a 20-percent to more than 250-percent increase in these key busine…

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Brice Jewell

Senior Manager, Cerner

Brice and his team are responsible for defining Cerner's evolving social business and learning strategies, including developing and implementing new technologies, growing a culture of collaboration among Cerner associates and clients, and measuring tangible business results. Cerner's social business platform, uCern, currently enables over 40,000 Cerner associates, clients, and business partners to connect, learn, share and innovate in support of common goals. Brice has an M.Ed. in educational technology from the University of Missouri. Brice is a member the Social Busin…

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avatar for Connie O'Brien

Connie O'Brien

SVP of Internet Strategy & Development, AXA Equitable

In her role, Ms. O’Brien oversees the use of technology as a key marketing enabler that enhances client and financial professional interaction with the company. She has chief responsibility for AXA-Equitable.com, mobile and the company’s search engine optimization initiative. Ms. O’Brien also co-manages AXA Equitable’s social media outreach. Prior to joining the company in 1997, Ms. O’Brien worked in integrated communications for John Hancock Financial Services. She has worked in the internet space since 1995, serving in previous roles at …

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avatar for Dorothy Schirkofsky

avatar for Elliot Rosenberg

Elliot Rosenberg

Director of Learning Services, AT&T

Elliot Rosenberg is accountable for the design and delivery of all learning opportunities for the entire retail sales channel, covering approximately 65,000 people across the country. Elliot and his team won the Learning Elite award from CLO magazine as the #1 training organization in 2011. Elliot has a bachelor's degree from SUNY Buffalo, an MBA from the University of Miami and an MS in instructional and performance technology from Boise State University. Elliot has been with AT&T for 27 years and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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avatar for Gia Lyons

Gia Lyons

Strategic Advisor, Jive

Gia Lyons has been developing, providing consulting services for, or selling socio-collaborative solutions since 1996. She spent four years as a collaborative application instructor and developer, another eight years as a socio-collaborative technical specialist and evangelist, serving large organizations in the Americas for IBM. Gia joined Jive Software in June 2008 as a strategic consultant. She crafts custom-fit Jive Social Business Software adoption implementation strategies for her clients’ employees, partners, and customers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in…

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avatar for Gia Lyons

Gia Lyons

"Stand further away. You can't possibly appreciate my greatness this close up." ~http://www.SleepTalkinMan.com Intense in most things, half-assed in others. Never get on my bad side. Impossible to ever return.

avatar for GP Strategies Corporation

GP Strategies Corporation


Bill Finegan




From training delivery and measurement to user experience, change management, tuition reimbursement and logistics, your entire learning enterprise relies upon a strong foundation of technology. Technology not only drives and supports your programs, but it also serves to encourage learning, collaboration and communication throughout your enterprise. Therefore, it is critical you get it right. At GP we help make that happen. We take a systematic approach to assessing and understanding your present and future needs, a…

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avatar for IESE Business School

IESE Business School


Kip Meyer




IESE was recently ranked the #1 business school in the world by the Financial Times and #2 by Businessweek. Expanding its global presence, IESE became the first European business school to establish a permanent presence in the United States in 2007. Its state-of-the-art New York Center, located in Midtown Manhattan, offers top-quality leadership programs for global executives.

avatar for Jeanne Meister

avatar for Jeanne Meister, Partner, Future Workplace

Jeanne Meister, Partner, Future Workplace

Jeanne C. Meister is co-author of The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop & Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today (Harper Business, 2010). Jeanne is an internationally recognized workplace-learning consultant dedicated to delivering competitive advantage, innovation and improved business results for organizations. She was most recently vice president of Accenture Learning. Jeanne’s name is synonymous with the establishment and institutionalization of global corporate universities. Jeanne is the author of two books, Corporate Quality Universities and Corporate Universities. Her …

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avatar for Jive


The Jive Engage platform, now in its fifth generation, is the most comprehensive and innovative Social Business Software on the market. It brings together the most powerful features of social networking, collaboration tools and community software to deliver the richest user experience for every type of social business network. Jive is the first company to bring the innovation of the consumer web to the enterprise. And in doing so, we’re making work great. We’re breaking down the barriers separating employees, customers and partners ... and making it possible for the first time to engage…

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avatar for Kaplan University

Kaplan University


Michael Stinson




Kaplan University is an institution of higher learning dedicated to helping students achieve their educational and career goals. Kaplan University’s Enterprise Learning Solutions, is known for aligning its business-savvy expertise, with the talent development needs of organizations, to deliver educational solutions designed to drive greater value from their employees. We partner with decision makers and administrators across many industries. We offer a broad range of solutions, including undergraduate and graduate de…

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avatar for Keller Center for Corporate Learning at DeVry University

Keller Center for Corporate Learning at DeVry University


Felicia Haslom, Sr. Director of National Accounts




Empower your employees with the skills and opportunities that give your business a competitive edge. From module-based cohort offerings to company-wide educational programs, discover how we can help your organization implement learning solutions that address today’s most critical needs: retaining valuable employees, developing managerial abilities, executing critical projects, complying with regulatory mandates and enhancing technical skills. We combine expert instruction, personal att…

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avatar for Marie Sanguinetti

Marie Sanguinetti

Sr. Manager, Organizational Development & Learning, Jarden Consumer Solution


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avatar for Michelle Accardi

Michelle Accardi

Vice President of Internet Marketing, CA Technologies

Michelle started her career at a subsidiary of CA Technologies, focused on revitalizing legacy applications. Michelle’s superior customer relationships and innovative approaches to challenges catapulted her to various leadership positions within CA Technologies sales and marketing teams. Michelle is a member of the American Marketing Association and the Data Application Management Association. She is the author of the book Agile Marketing that discusses applying agile development methodologies to marketing for better results. 

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avatar for Omar Divina, Vice President, Badgeville

Omar Divina, Vice President, Badgeville

Omar is responsible for leading Badgeville’s sales and business development efforts out of our New York office.  Over the course of his 15-plus-year career,Omar has held a variety of senior positions in sales, business development and operations, with the past four years focused on growing SaaS companies. Prior to joining Badgeville, Omar was at enterprise social collaboration leader Socialtext, where he established critical footholds in media/entertainment, publishing, advertising, financial and professional services sectors, among others. As vice president of client services for SunGard Trad…

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avatar for pheebkat

avatar for Phoebe Venkat

Phoebe Venkat

Marketing Communications Manager, Tyco

Phoebe Venkat is no stranger to marketing communications, and continues to hone her craft at large global organizations, such as Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch and Bloomberg, while beginning her career at a high-tech startup. In November 2010, Phoebe joined Tyco International as a marketing communications manager for its Tyco Fire Protection business segment. She is currently the community manager for Yammer, Tyco’s enterprise social network. Phoebe focuses on driving initiatives related to collaboration, engagement, culture change and social media. Sh…

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avatar for Sandy Wells

avatar for Sched.org



Marvin McTaw




Sched.org eliminates event management headaches through a content management system designed to:

  • Eradicate duplicative data entry and processes to save organizers time.
  • Promote your event through tools, such as agenda builders, print-ready guides and mobile apps.
  • Seamlessly integrate social networks to facilitate communication and explore connections.
  • Generate revenues through advertising, reporting and analytics.

Sched.org works with organizations large and small including San Diego Comic-Con, The Peace Corps, & …

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avatar for Steve Dahlberg, Vice President of Innovation, Future Workplace

Steve Dahlberg, Vice President of Innovation, Future Workplace

Steven Dahlberg is vice president of innovation for Future Workplace. He collaborates across sectors to help people and organizations develop and apply creativity, innovation and learning to thrive in the 2020 workplace. He co-hosts the Creativity in Play radio show, authored the foreword to the book, Education is Everybody’s Business, blogs for Talent Management magazine, and has written for Training magazine and other publications. He serves on the board of the National Creativity Network and teaches “Creativity + Social Change” at the University of Connecticut.


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avatar for Vijay Chintamaneni

Vijay Chintamaneni

Learning Management System Administrator, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Vijay is responsible for two LMSs at TD Ameritrade -- one for clients and one for employees. Previously, he worked as a training coordinator at Emilcott (a health and safety consulting firm) and as a training associate at Clinphone (a pharmaceutical company). Vijay holds a B.A. in communication from Rutgers University and is currently pursuing an M.S. in instructional design and technology from California State University, Fullerton.


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